Our Story

Fifty years ago, the inimitable Saran Singh Chhabra had a vision for changing the world of ethnic-wear. As he moved from Peshawar to begin anew in India, he brought with him an unmatched knowledge of the finest craftsmanship in the industry. Thus began Chhabra International, at first as a small store in Chandni Chowk.

His son, Kawaljit Singh Chhabra, took on the mantle at the young age of 21, setting his sights on expansion. Through his drive and tireless dedication, he built the monumental legacy that Chhabra International is now known for. Today, the company thrives in the safe hands of the current generation: Kunal Chhabra – the creative mind that carves the contours of our brand, and Karan Chhabra – a numbers whiz, whose execution of operations is unparalleled. Together, they have built Chhabra International into a brand trusted internationally for the craftsmanship and elegance of our work.

Our story has been shaped by the love and dedication of three generations of our family, and by you: who has entrusted us with your joy for over five decades. Today, Chhabra International is a household name in ethnic wear across generations, across occasions, and across the world. 

Our Vision

From the heart of Chandni Chowk, since 1977. For three generations, we have embroidered Delhi’s joy with our heritage. Today, even as our name travels the world, our craft remains true to its roots and enriched by tradition. Find the right ethnic wear for your splendour with us, nurtured by our family to be loved by yours.In a world of ever-changing trends, we champion the legacy, luxury, and creativity of Indian traditional wear. At Chhabra International, we bring the thrill of shopping in the intricate lanes of Chandni Chowk to the comfort of your home.

Our Philosophy

As we evolve with the changing times, our philosophy remains the same – staying true to our roots.

Dilli Cheh. Uttar Pradesh. West Bengal. Gujrat.

Our decades-old karigars span across these storied cities and ensure that each piece of Indian ethnic wear we create is crafted with perfection and passion.Every minute detail is ironed out from conception to execution by our talented craftspeople, to bring you transformative pieces that are unique, authentic, and elegant.

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